DepEd Region V Legal Services Information System (LSIS)

The Legal Services Information System (LSIS) manages and tracks the progress of Administrative cases of DepEd Region V personnel; manages and monitors the status of Child Protection Policy of all schools in the region, both public and private; and monitors the status of School Sites and utilization of downloaded funds of all public schools in the region.

The provision of DepEd programs and projects enhances the teaching-learning process to meet the challenges of the 21st century in terms of technological advancement, classroom provision, and improvement, as well as the development of other school physical facilities.


Learner Information System (LIS)

The Learner Information System (LIS) IS an online facility that provides for the registration of learners enrolled in schools run or licensed by the Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines.

It is the national registry of all learners in Basic Education.

MATATAG Learning Management System (National Education Portal)

An LMS serves as a centralized platform for all learning resources, materials, and assessments. Students, teachers, and administrators can access a wealth of educational content in one place, streamlining the learning process.


Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS)

The Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS) is a web-based management information system that aims to achieve the following objectives:
– improve the collection of data from the schools and field offices and efficiently render delivery of data/information to various stakeholders
– support information requirements for planning, quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation, and other decision-making activities
– provide a venue for sharing, using and reusing knowledge within DepED through increasing access to information

Program Management Information System (PMIS)

The Program Management Information System (PMIS), a web-based information system designed to improve DepEd’s progress monitoring of the status of program and project implementation. It will provide quality, relevant, and timely information that can be used for planning and budgeting, results monitoring and evaluation, and policy decisions across governance levels. Through the data from the operational plans of all DepEd operating units entered in the system, the PMIS generates a summary of all physical and financial accomplishments of all DepEd programs and office outputs across levels on a regular basis.


DepEd WASH in Schools (WinS)

The DepEd WinS Program is designed to achieve learning and health outcomes of Filipino students through a comprehensive, sustainable, and scalable school-based WASH program pursuant to the State’s mandate to defend the right of children to dignity, assistance, and protection from conditions that would hamper their development.


Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS)

The Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS) is designed to support increased distribution and access to learning, teaching, and professional development resources at the Region, Division and School/Cluster levels of DepED.

The LRMDS provides access to quality resources from the Regions, Divisions, Cluster/School level: including

  • information on quantity and quality and location of textbooks and supplementary materials, and cultural expertise,
  • access to learning, teaching and professional development resources in digital format and locates resources in print format and hard copy,
  • standards, specifications and guidelines for assessing & evaluating, acquiring & harvesting, modification, development and production of resources

DepEd Partnerships Database System (DPDS)

DepEd Partnerships Database System (DPDS) The Department of Education – External Partnerships Service is collecting data on partnership engagements in all levels of governance for reporting purposes.